September 30, 2017

Erin Martin

Erin has been with the Crossroad family for a while now.  She has a husband and 2 kids.  Erin is quite an asset to the team and brings a lot of organization to the company.  As you can imagine with all the clients, subcontractors and vendors that are involved with a construction company, it can get pretty complex.

Erin keeps everything organized for us and keeps us all informed of the administrative needs.  She tracks expenses, schedules, runs reports and documents changes for all of our projects.  She helps the company problem solve, does a ton of background and behind the scenes work to keep us in the know and on the go.

She sets up appointments, places orders, and helps the company be more efficient.  This unique set of qualities makes her a strong provider to Crossroad.  We are blessed to have Erin on the team.