February 28, 2016

Dawn Lemon, E.I.T

Dawn is the secretary for Crossroad and is responsible for much of the office accounting and site engineering efforts.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Old Dominion University.

Dawn’s previous work experience was as a practicing Civil Engineer for a local architectural, engineering and survey firm in which she was responsible for land development activities such as site planning and site design, utility and road design, drainage studies and calculations, grading plans, earthwork calculations and erosion and sediment control plan development.  She also prepared plans for local subdivisions, water distribution systems, sanitary sewer systems, and site plans for residential, commercial and industrial development.  Dawn worked closely, in good reputation, with local planning and zoning authorities, VDOT, VDH, DEQ, CBLAD and the US Army Corps of Engineers in obtaining approvals for plans and necessary permits.  She also performed project and construction administration services, cost estimations and prepared specifications for many projects.