Designing and Building Your Custom Home or Renovation

"Our desire is to provide unmatched quality and service, making your experience both exciting and pleasurable."

Crossroad Custom Builders, Inc. is a unique firm bringing a wide variety of experience and services to their clients who are ready to build their custom home or add onto their current home. With over 15 years of experience in the building of homes and civil and structural engineering, our staff brings a thorough knowledge encompassing all phases of construction and design. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and quality of workmanship while providing an exciting and enjoyable experience.

  • New Construction Homes
  • Large Scale Additions and Renovations

    Home renovation planning and constructions services

  • New House Plan Selection and Development

    along with Site Plan Development

Our Work

Building custom homes and renovations

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Meet our professionals who want to create the home or renovation that meets your needs
Shawn Lemon, P.E.
Shawn Lemon, P.E.
Class A Contractor and Structural/ Civil Engineer
Shawn is a licensed Professional Engineer, Class A Contractor and President of Crossroad Custom Builders, Inc. Click Here for more about Shawn
Dawn Lemon, E.I.T.
Dawn Lemon, E.I.T.
Civil Engineer, Office Manager
Dawn is responsible for much of the office accounting and management and for site engineering efforts. Click Here for more about Dawn
Dustin Turlington
Dustin is our project manager, handling new construction and renovation projects. Click Here for more about Dustin
Erin Martin
Erin Martin
Administrative Assistant
Erin keeps us organized and informed of the administrative needs for your building project. Click Here for more about Erin

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